Curate a Life that is a Work of Art

I would like to inspire others to follow their creative passion and Curate a Life that is a Work of Art: A life that is inspired, authentic and fulfilling.

I believe that your creativity is the truest expression of who you are. And the more you know what you want + who you truly are, the more your life and your creativity will flow.

I encourage you to consider a holistic approach to living creativity. So what exactly does that mean? I believe that you should approach creativity as an overarching influence on your entire life. The Art of Living Creatively. I encourage you to consider all the aspects of your creative life: The physical, the spiritual, the psychological and the social. 

Just as there is no one way to live life, there is no one way to be a Creative. Every Creative path is as unique as the Artist who walks it.

The thoughts, beliefs, words, environment, habits, and company that you Curate into your life creates your reality. Be mindful of these selections, and consider if they are in alignment with what you want +who you want to be. Do your selections encourage you to live creatively?

So what does it mean to Curate? For me, it's an ongoing process. When you mindfully Curate, you select the best + most appropriate as it relates to what you want and who you are. The best + most appropriate will be different for each individual, so don't be swayed or influenced what others deem the 'best' if it's not what resonates with you. Always be yourself. 

Curation is a unique way to organize + present what you've selected, in a way that is the most authentic expression of you + your creativity.

The noun 'Curate' originally referred to anyone who took care of church property in some way, and I love that the term is inherently spiritual.

Curation focuses less on things being 'perfectly' matched, and more on a collection that has been pulled together over time with a unique eye. Your Curation is a part of you who you are. It's an expression of your unique style. And it's ongoing and evolving.

When you incorporate mindfulness into Curation, you will make selections that are aligned with your authentic self. Selections that reflect what you want + who you are.

Get clear on what you want from your creative life. Get clear on who you are. And mindfully Curate a Life that reflects this. A Life that is a Work of Art.



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