Lessons from the Ocean

Much of what I know of creating life and creating art, has been taught to me by the ocean and by surfing. The ocean is one of my greatest teachers.

Waves big and small, playful and powerful, tides rising and falling, winds gentle and tempestuous, feeling play and feeling fear, connecting and surrendering to nature, getting quiet, being in the moment.

There is nothing quite like surfing when it comes to being present: When you are surfing a wave, you are completely in that moment. Even if it's only for a few seconds, you are completely 'in' that moment. I haven't experienced any other activity that has the power to captivate your full mind, body + soul connection like that...

The ocean (and surfing) is a great teacher of patience, and a gentle reminder that nature is always in control, regardless of what you have planned.

Surfing and Taoism continue to teach me this lesson. It’s about accepting and flowing with what is, embracing the ebb and flow of nature's cycles, and knowing that patience will ultimately reveal the perfect moment, or the perfect wave.

How do you connect with nature? Are you an ocean-enthusiast or a surfer? Share your stories in the comments below:


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