CARIBE POP - A creative collaboration on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast!

I recently collaborated with photographer Elena de Luca and Salty Afro Surf to create a collection of 31 pieces of original artwork that celebrate the Afro Caribe Surf Community in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Follow this link to view the catalog for the collection:

Elena and I had been manifesting this collaboration since we met in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica in 2022

I was in Puerto Viejo painting and came across her work and was stoked to learn that she was a fellow Aussie living + creating in Costa Rica. She has a studio in town, and has lived there for 10 years.

The collection was created by hand on location in Puerto Viejo, and features vibrant color, prints + patterns, fruits and tropical vibes to celebrate our love for this charming little Caribbean town!

We hosted an Art Exhibition for the collection in Puerto Viejo on March 22 at Grow. Thankyou to everyone that attended, and thankyou for supporting our creativity! 

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