Curate a Life


I want to inspire you to curate, develop and live an authentic, creative life. To overcome any fears, shoulds and can'ts that are blocking your creativity and preventing you from being where you truly want to be.

Our lives are the results of our habits, and our habits are learned behaviors. I believe in the power of creating daily habits to strengthen your creative process. Simple, mindful practices that become routine, and can be undertaken wherever you are.

Curating these practices honors your authentic self and creates clarity. I will share my personal favorites and encourage you to curate and practice what feels meaningful to you.

Much of what I know of creating life and creating art, has been taught to me by the ocean and by surfing. Waves, big and small, playful and powerful, tides rising and falling, winds gentle and tempestuous, feeling play and feeling fear, connecting and surrendering to nature, getting quiet, being in the moment.

You and your creativity are unique, and constantly evolving. I want to encourage you to be open to possibilities. Be open to inspiration - it comes from everywhere and can strike at any place, anytime and often unexpectedly.

Trust and be patient with your unique creative process (which can be a challenge in our modern 'on-demand' world). And please, do not compare your unique self or your unique creativity to anyone else!

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