Curate a Life


I have chosen a life less ordinary to pursue my creative passion, and and I am here to encourage and support you to do the same. To curate a life that is inspired, authentic and fulfilling. A Life that is a Work of Art.

I am a professional artist with over 20 years of international experience creating digital + analog art, and I am here to share my creative experiences with you. To provide support, inspiration, encouragement, feedback and guidance for you and your unique creative pursuits.

I believe that your creativity is unique to you, and is the truest expression of who you are. And the more you know who you truly are, the more your life and your creativity will flow.

I am here to create a space that is bespoke to you and your individual creative needs. Whether you want to focus on a specific topic, or are interested in a broader conversation about creativity, I look forward to consulting with you!

Are you currently in a creative block? Feeling overwhelmed or seeking clarification about an upcoming creative project? Want to learn more about developing your own unique creative style? Want some feedback or guidance through your creative process? Curious about painting murals?